Tuesday, 2 November, 2021

1:00pm EDT–​2:00pm EDT

Patient-Clinician Partnered Activities of the Vulval Pain Society: A Template for Better Education & Care

Winston de Mello, Claudia Chisari, Dr. Karen Gibbon, Kay Thomas, David Nunns, Sheren Gaulbert

"Partnerships, connections, being seen, being heard are all vital for us as human beings. For the person living with pain these basic, essential needs, a collaborative relationship with a health professional is not only validating but can set them on a path toward better care. To access appropriate care, at the earliest opportunity isn’t that…

2:00pm EDT–​3:30pm EDT

Exploring Managing Pain ….. the “Festival” Way and More

Chris Penlington, Mark Agathangelou, Frances Cole, MB.BS, MRCGP, Postgraduate Diploma CBT Newcastle, Louise Trewern, Niki Jones, Rosie Cruickshank

Live Well with Pain livewellwithpain.co.uk and www.my.livewellwithpain.co.uk  colleagues share about how they tackle the challenge of clinician and patient lack of confidence to self-manage pain and so opt for medicines only approach. The session will explain what we have created, collaboratively with focus on “Ten Footsteps” programmes for clinician, patient and carer. We will share…

Thursday, 4 November, 2021

9:00am EDT–​9:30am EDT

“Our Arthritis May Be Chronic But We Are Definitely Iconic” – Two Teens Created a National Podcast for Youth with Rheumatic Diseases

Natasha Trehan

Take a Pain Check (TAPC) is currently changing the lives of youth impacted with rheumatic diseases by modeling a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. This is especially important for youth who, like us, may feel too shy or lack the resources to advocate for themselves or meet others. Through TAPC, we have been able…

9:30am EDT–​10:00am EDT
11:00am EDT–​12:00pm EDT

Amplifying Knowledge Mobilization and Dissemination with Patient Partnership

Chad Larabie, MSc, Vina Mohabir

The Patient Advisory Committee (PAC; est. Oct 2019) at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) Pain Centre works to integrate the voices of patient and caregivers in pain research, education, management, and policy. This presentation will focus on the partnership between the PAC and the SickKids Pain Centre Knowledge Mobilization specialist. We will use practical…

6:00pm EDT–​7:00pm EDT

Let’s Talk about Power in Pain Management

Rebecca Olson, PhD, Nathalia Costa, PhD, Karime Mescouto, Megan Weier, PhD

Please note this session takes place on Friday 5 November in Australia.  It is widely known that pain has not only physical, but psychological, social, and cultural dimensions that can affect treatment outcomes. A related element is the power dimensions in healthcare, with research demonstrating that a more equal power dynamic between patients and clinicians…

Tuesday, 9 November, 2021

8:00am EST–​9:00am EST

Pain Therapy in the Management of Sickle Cell Disease

Oluwafemi Ajayi

This presentation will review management strategies for addressing pain in sickle cell disease. It will highlight both pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment regimens. It will also briefly discuss the different levels of pain in sickle cell disease through the most commonly known channels of pain crises (acute chest syndrome, gall stones and avascular necrosis) and suggest ways…

1:00pm EST–​2:30pm EST

The National Pain Advocacy Center: Experience and Evidence-Based Advocacy through a Rights and Equity Lens

Kate Nicholson, JD, Dr. Juan Hincapie Castillo Pharm.D., M.S., Ph.D., Dawn Gibson, Dr. Tamara A. Baker, PhD, Ryan Hampton

The National Pain Advocacy Center (NPAC), www.nationalpain.org, is a new nonprofit advocacy group founded by and for people living with pain. We work to advance the health and human rights of people in pain and envision a world in which pain is treated equitably and effectively so that all people living with pain can lead…

Thursday, 11 November, 2021

12:00pm EST–​1:00pm EST

Creating Real Change: Participation of Patient Partners in the Co-Development and Analysis of Quality Improvement Studies

Joshua Eszczuk, Jacob Dunn, Elise Kammerer

Introduction People with lived experience (PWLE) can be part of many aspects of a research or quality improvement study, but most often participate in carrying out the project rather than being involved in its preparation or the dissemination of the results. By involving PWLE earlier on in the process, studies are more likely to answer…

4:30pm EST–​5:30pm EST


Mary Wing, Grad Dip. CCM, Jenny Bennett, BA (Hons) Dip Ed, Joletta Belton, MSc, Virginia McIntyre, BA, MRT (R) (MR)

We will have 3x15 Minute Presentations during which participants are invited to ask questions via the Q&A in Zoom. We will look forward to answering these questions for 15 minutes in a moderated Q&A at the end of the presentations. Presentation 1 - Mary Wing “What If I Had Known?” Participants will learn how difficult…

Tuesday, 16 November, 2021

8:00am EST–​9:30am EST

PainStory: Deeper than 0-10 pain scale, understanding patient’s suffering

Pavel Goldstein, PhD, Saar Draznin, BSc, Boris Boltyansky, MSc, Shannon Dougherty

“Pain clinicians are confronted with the complicated task of objectifying the subjective phenomenon of pain in order to determine the appropriate treatments for their patients. A critical challenge in pain management emerges from the fact that pain cannot be directly accessed. Therefore, the current gold standard for the assessment of pain is a single-item 0-10…

3:00pm EST–​4:00pm EST

The Patient at the Center:  Transformative Innovations in Pain Care

Beth Darnall, PhD, Andrea Anderson

"This session will focus on two key themes: (1) expanding access to effective behavioral pain care and (2) patient-centered approaches to opioid prescribing and deprescribing. For both themes, healthcare systems must center on meeting patients’ needs broadly, reducing stigma and care disparities, and protecting the individual from homogeneous policies that confer new health risks to…

Thursday, 18 November, 2021

10:00am EST–​11:00am EST

What does ‘Acceptance of Chronic Pain’ mean and how do perspective and experience influence this?

Cass Macgregor, Ruth Barber, Dr. Ian Megahy

PWLE fulfill valuable roles as advisors on the PhD research project, and this improves the availability of perspective and experience to aid knowledge development which would otherwise be limited. Lived experience is essential in understanding complex concepts in healthcare such as acceptance of chronic pain. Zoom tools will be used which include asking 3 questions…

2:00pm EST–​3:00pm EST

Tuesday, 23 November, 2021

2:00pm EST–​3:00pm EST

Empowered Management: The Power of Lived Experience in Pain Management and Research

Dr. Nida Mustafa, Emeralda Burke

"The key theme of our presentation is to highlight that living with pain does not mean we our powerless but in fact, we can shift our thoughts, actions and behaviors to live an empowered life with pain. The presentation will be divided into three parts. First, I will take the audience through my lived experience…

3:00pm EST–​4:00pm EST

Sickle Cell Pain: A Complicated (and True) Story

Titilope Fasipe, MD, PhD

Sickle Cell Pain is a unique form of suffering that includes the burdens of living with a chronic disease in addition to the historical and ongoing burdens of misunderstanding and injustice by the greater society. The goal of this Pain Advocacy presentation is to help bring understanding and awareness to this complicated and true story,…

4:00pm EST–​5:30pm EST

Empathy instead of Sympathy Please

Dave Thomson

A workshop that provides families, partners , friends and co-workers the opportunity to explore more: -- positive -- productive -- proactive and of course: --empathetic ways to live and interact with people who have physical ,mental ,emotional or invisible disabilities. This workshop can provides participants the following takeaways: -- A positive and pro-active discussion of…



Sessions falling under this theme discuss the latest science behind pain, translating pain research to practice, patient engagement in research, and general education related to the research process.


Sessions falling under this theme discuss how pain patient advocates (whether living with pain or not) can work to influence policy, how to advocate for health equity, and the overall impact of pain on lives.


Sessions falling under this theme discuss or demonstrate the latest science and practices in pain self-management. This theme has options for one-hour sessions or shorter sessions between the one-hour sessions.


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