Thursday, 11th November 2021
4:30pm5:30pm EST

Local Time: to

About the Session

We will have 3×15 Minute Presentations during which participants are invited to ask questions via the Q&A in Zoom. We will look forward to answering these questions for 15 minutes in a moderated Q&A at the end of the presentations.

Presentation 1 – Mary Wing
“What If I Had Known?”

Participants will learn how difficult it is for patients to make decisions regarding self-management strategies when they have often not been given enough information about the impact chronic pain.

Presentation 2 – Jenny Bennett
“Now that I Know”

Participants will learn that once you know the value of peer support and the tools of Self-Management you can use the power of the mind to move forward in the management of yourself in partnership with your health care team.

Presentation 3 – Virginia McInTyre
“Knowledge is Empowering”

Participants will learn how to develop and successfully integrate a self-management peer support group into the healthcare system.


Presented By

Joletta Belton, MSc

Global Alliance of Partners for Pain Advocacy (USA)

Virginia McIntyre, BA, MRT (R) (MR)

People in Pain Network (Canada)