“Our Arthritis May Be Chronic But We Are Definitely Iconic” – Two Teens Created a National Podcast for Youth with Rheumatic Diseases

Thursday, 4th November 2021
9:00am9:30am EDT

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About the Session

Take a Pain Check (TAPC) is currently changing the lives of youth impacted with rheumatic diseases by modeling a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. This is especially important for youth who, like us, may feel too shy or lack the resources to advocate for themselves or meet others. Through TAPC, we have been able to spread the word about research being done. We want to ensure that people don’t have to search endlessly for support. We are actively making a difference in the lives of young people and inspiring them to make the best out of not just this illness but any chronic disease. We want attendees to take away the fact that no matter what age, gender, race or sexual orientation they are, they can advocate and change the lives of just one other person. We want to inspire attendees to use the resources that they have, to create waves in the communities they are in just like we are aiming to do.

We aim to have an interactive audience-based presentation even over zoom. As young adults, we understand how important it is to engage with a crowd and the struggle of paying attention when staring at a screen all day. Our slides will start off with our story using animated pictures of us, and our experiences. We plan on using the poll and reaction feature over zoom to ask “did you know” questions about pain, chronic pain and rheumatic diseases. Additionally, we plan on playing some quizzes over zoom using the application Slido. For this tool, we can share our screen and every can use their own devices to participate. We will also be using a mixture of videos and audio clips from our podcast to demonstrate the different ways of advocating. At the end, we will create a form sent out with the application Airtable via the chat feature and that will be available for all participants regardless of whether it’ll be live or not.

TAPC has received amazing feedback from numerous guests – with and without arthritis as well as from hospitals and rheumatology clinics across Canada who have mentioned how youth need the support, moments of laughter, and fun related to their condition. Many guest speakers wished a platform like this existed when they were diagnosed as a youth. We have received an amazing response to TAPC and we would love to share the platform with the international community as well.


Presented By

Natasha Trehan

Founder and Host
Take a Pain Check (Canada)