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Andrea Anderson

National Advocate

National Pain Advocacy Center

Ms. Anderson began her work in pain advocacy in 2017. For several years, she was the CoFounder and Executive Director of the national advocacy group, the Alliance for the Treatment of Intractable Pain (ATIP). After her term at ATIP, Ms. Anderson joined the leadership team of the National Pain Advocacy Center as a National Advocate.

NPAC’s mission and goals are to:

Advance the health and human rights of people in pain and create an alliance of scientists, clinicians, civil rights advocates and people with lived experience. We are working towards influencing systems and policies that pose barriers to the health of people living with pain.

Apart from her work with NPAC, Ms. Anderson serves as a patient advisor to several federal pain advocacy initiatives, including those for the FDA and NIH. She has also advised on the development of several pain related studies, representing the patient view and experience.

In addition to her pain advocacy work, Ms. Anderson works as a consultant to several legal firms in the areas of pain, suffering, injury, and illness.

Ms. Anderson is also a patient living with intractable pain since 2005 as a result of surgical mishaps and other injuries.


The Patient at the Center:  Transformative Innovations in Pain Care

Presented by Beth Darnall, PhD, Andrea Anderson at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, November 16th.

"This session will focus on two key themes: (1) expanding access to effective behavioral pain care and (2) patient-centered approaches to opioid prescribing and deprescribing. For both themes, healthcare systems must center on meeting patients’ needs broadly, reducing stigma and care disparities, and protecting the individual from homogeneous policies that confer new health risks to…