Boris Boltyansky, MSc

Graduate Student in Public Health

University of Haifa (Israel)

Boris completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Biology at the University of Haifa and his Master’s in Neurobiology at the University of Haifa as well. His Master’s research focused on neuropathic pain processing in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus.

Since he joined the Integrative Pain Laboratory on January 2021, Boris is in charge of the PainStory project. The project aims to develop a digital platform for pain detection, based on facial expressions, voice and inferred language content.

Boris leads the technological effort of platform establishment, along with subsequent development of cloud-based machine learning algorithms for feature extraction and data analysis. As part of his research, Boris uses collected data to develop novel pain measures that go beyond the standard self-report assessment.


PainStory: Deeper than 0-10 pain scale, understanding patient’s suffering

Presented by Shannon Dougherty, Saar Draznin, BSc, Boris Boltyansky, MSc, Pavel Goldstein, PhD at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, November 16th.

“Pain clinicians are confronted with the complicated task of objectifying the subjective phenomenon of pain in order to determine the appropriate treatments for their patients. A critical challenge in pain management emerges from the fact that pain cannot be directly accessed. Therefore, the current gold standard for the assessment of pain is a single-item 0-10…