Ian Passport

Dr. Ian Megahy

20 years! For the last 20 years if it doesn’t hurt Ian is asleep. This is his qualification for describing a living experience of chronic pain. As a retired vet, he had access and understanding of medical matters. Given this insight, he felt it his duty to advocate for provision of appropriate treatment for all sufferers. He has been asked to participate in many committees as a patient representative. These efforts resulted in a televised appearance in front of a Scottish parliamentary committee and subsequent reporting by national media. Recently, in part thanks to the reclassification of chronic pain, the first encouraging signs of change for the better are being shown by his local health board.


What does ‘Acceptance of Chronic Pain’ mean and how do perspective and experience influence this?

Presented by Cass Macgregor, Ruth Barber, Dr. Ian Megahy at 10:00 AM on Thursday, November 18th.

PWLE fulfill valuable roles as advisors on the PhD research project, and this improves the availability of perspective and experience to aid knowledge development which would otherwise be limited. Lived experience is essential in understanding complex concepts in healthcare such as acceptance of chronic pain. Zoom tools will be used which include asking 3 questions…