Emeralda B

Emeralda Burke

Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute (TAPMI), Women's College Hospital (Canada)

Emeralda Burke graduated from Trinity College, University of Dublin with a BSc in Medicinal Chemistry and is presently completing her masters in Health Evaluation. She is now health services researcher and works at the Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute. One year after moving to Canada she was struck as a pedestrian by a stolen car. As a result of her sustained injuries she now lives with persistent pain. This personal experience shifted her perspective to focus on improving the quality of life and services for those living with pain. Her mission is to spread awareness about persistent pain and destigmatize it in the hope that those living with pain are better understood by friends and family.


Empowered Management: The Power of Lived Experience in Pain Management and Research

Presented by Dr. Nida Mustafa, Emeralda Burke at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, November 23rd.

"The key theme of our presentation is to highlight that living with pain does not mean we our powerless but in fact, we can shift our thoughts, actions and behaviors to live an empowered life with pain. The presentation will be divided into three parts. First, I will take the audience through my lived experience…