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Joshua Eszczuk

He is in his first year of university currently studying a Bachelor of Science degree with specialization in kinesiology at the University of Alberta here in Edmonton. After completing his degree he plans on pursuing his life-long dream of enrolling and completing the medical program. He is interested in medicine having endured a wide array of medical challenges himself, he believes that having the opportunity to pursue a career as a medical doctor would allow him to connect with the patients empathetically in a sense that he can relate with them. He is currently in his second year of working with Solutions for Kids in Pain as a patient-partner and has had amazing opportunities to both advocate and present on sensitive topics regarding pediatric care and patient experience. Outside of academics he is an avid athlete and enjoys spending time with friends and teammates; Sports has allowed him to realize the importance of working as a team achieving together.



Creating Real Change: Participation of Patient Partners in the Co-Development and Analysis of Quality Improvement Studies

Presented by Joshua Eszczuk, Jacob Dunn, Elise Kammerer at 12:00 PM on Thursday, November 11th.

Introduction People with lived experience (PWLE) can be part of many aspects of a research or quality improvement study, but most often participate in carrying out the project rather than being involved in its preparation or the dissemination of the results. By involving PWLE earlier on in the process, studies are more likely to answer…