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Niki Jones

Advocate for Pain Self-Management with an Interest in Opioid Tapering

Niki is an old friend of persistent pain – since a fall off a horse at 16 (now 50). However in 2002 Niki suddenly developed Trigeminal Neuralgia and over the next 16 year had multiple surgeries including a motor cortex stimulator and high doses of nearly every drug. She ended up on very high dose opioids.

In 2018 she was exposed to the newer science of pain and with the help of a self management app she reduced my pain dramatically over a few months and found she had a future again. Due to lack of support Niki then had serious issues with withdrawal from the opioids she was on, and other drugs and the next three years have been a strange combination of horrific and happy. Niki is passionate about encouraging supported self management of pain and safe opioid prescribing and tapering.

Niki still has horses and ride occasionally but my main joy these days is cycling – she recently joined the Flippin Pain Outreach Tour peloton and cycled 170 miles in 4.5 days –she could never have imagined doing that 4 years ago!

Niki is a founder member of the Footsteps Festival 2021 core Group and often host events and do a lot of the behind the scenes admin. Niki also works closely with Flippin Pain and Live Well With Pain and is increasingly involved with various research projects and grant applications. Niki has contributed various articles to pain Journals.


Exploring Managing Pain ….. the “Festival” Way and More

Presented by Chris Penlington, Mark Agathangelou, Frances Cole, MB.BS, MRCGP, Postgraduate Diploma CBT Newcastle, Louise Trewern, Niki Jones, Rosie Cruickshank at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Live Well with Pain and  colleagues share about how they tackle the challenge of clinician and patient lack of confidence to self-manage pain and so opt for medicines only approach. The session will explain what we have created, collaboratively with focus on “Ten Footsteps” programmes for clinician, patient and carer. We will share…