Pavel Goldstein

Pavel Goldstein, PhD

Head of Integrative Pain (iPain) Lab

University of Haifa (Israel)

Dr. Pavel Goldstein has completed a Master in Biostatistics and PhD in pain neuroscience. During their PhD studies, they were exposed to the field of pain research that is still overflowed with endless debates about basic questions: how we measure pain? What causes pain? How we treat pain? Upon completing graduate studies they found themselves at the Prof. Tor Wager’s lab, leading projects with a focus on digital solutions for chronic pain. In 2019 they founded Integrative Pain Laboratory at the University of Haifa to gather novel understanding of chronic pain conditions, developing new ways of measuring, preventing and treating chronic pain

Dr. Goldstein’s research is essential for more than pure knowledge. Ultimately, their future research is driven by the need to integrate between the academy and the industry. Providing data science consultations for medical device companies, academic researchers from multiple fields, and doctors helped them acquire a “common ground” between academic investigators, business representatives, and healthcare providers. When all parties see the advantage of combining the industrial drive to ‘get things done’ with clinical insights and the academic urge to ‘understand how it works’, the final outcomes improve significantly.


PainStory: Deeper than 0-10 pain scale, understanding patient’s suffering

Presented by Shannon Dougherty, Saar Draznin, BSc, Boris Boltyansky, MSc, Pavel Goldstein, PhD at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, November 16th.

“Pain clinicians are confronted with the complicated task of objectifying the subjective phenomenon of pain in order to determine the appropriate treatments for their patients. A critical challenge in pain management emerges from the fact that pain cannot be directly accessed. Therefore, the current gold standard for the assessment of pain is a single-item 0-10…