Rosie Cruickshank

Highly Specialist Physiotherapist INPUT

St Thomas’ Hospital London

Rosie Cruickshank is a Highly Specialist Physiotherapist at INPUT Pain Management Centre at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital in London. She has worked with a pain management approach since the early 2000’s, particularly in MSK Outpatients and then at INPUT. She has trained in and works with the Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach. She has wide experience of providing training for physiotherapists including undergraduates, graduates, MSc students and Extended Scope Practitioners. She has a background in dance and completed her first degree in dance. She has an interest in the emerging research that supports the benefits of the role of the Arts in Health. She continues to be fascinated by Embodiment and the role of our relationship with our bodies and what we do with them on our mental and physical health.


Exploring Managing Pain ….. the “Festival” Way and More

Presented by Chris Penlington, Mark Agathangelou, Frances Cole, MB.BS, MRCGP, Postgraduate Diploma CBT Newcastle, Louise Trewern, Niki Jones, Rosie Cruickshank at 2:00 PM on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Live Well with Pain and  colleagues share about how they tackle the challenge of clinician and patient lack of confidence to self-manage pain and so opt for medicines only approach. The session will explain what we have created, collaboratively with focus on “Ten Footsteps” programmes for clinician, patient and carer. We will share…