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Ruth Barber

Living with Persistent Pain

Ruth has lived with persistent pain of a neuropathic nature for the last 16 years. She attended a residential pain management programme and since then has lived with pain by self-management skills learned on the programme and with yoga. Ruth is a freelance yoga teacher with a background of working in health promotion in the NHS, public health, community development, community mental health and psychiatric care.  She has a Masters in Social Anthropology and a Masters in Exercise and Sports Psychology. Ruth lives in Scotland with her family and keeps active with her daughter swimming, walking and cycling as well as a daily yoga and mindfulness practice.


What does ‘Acceptance of Chronic Pain’ mean and how do perspective and experience influence this?

Presented by Cass Macgregor, Ruth Barber, Dr. Ian Megahy at 10:00 AM on Thursday, November 18th.

PWLE fulfill valuable roles as advisors on the PhD research project, and this improves the availability of perspective and experience to aid knowledge development which would otherwise be limited. Lived experience is essential in understanding complex concepts in healthcare such as acceptance of chronic pain. Zoom tools will be used which include asking 3 questions…