Saar Draznin, BSc

Manager, Integrative Pain (iPain) Laboratory)

University of Haifa (Israel)

Saar obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Tel Hai College in 2011. Today she is a Master’s student for Dance Movement Therapy in the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Sciences.

Saar joined the Integrative Pain Laboratory in 2021 and will take part in the PainStory Project. Her Master’s thesis will investigate chronic pain patients’ readiness for psycho-social interventions. Her research will seek to identify behavioral and biographical indicators in a patient’s profile which can lead to better understanding of the complexity of the healing process of chronic pain and better tailor interventions to each individual patient profile.

For many years, Saar has been interested in the complex relationship between emotional responses and physical reactions, in particular the role of the cardiovascular system and breathing patterns on emotional and physical responses.

Saar has rich field experience in a variety of therapeutic movement, dance and mindfulness practices. She believes that Motion leads to Emotion and where there is movement there can be change and development.


PainStory: Deeper than 0-10 pain scale, understanding patient’s suffering

Presented by Shannon Dougherty, Saar Draznin, BSc, Boris Boltyansky, MSc, Pavel Goldstein, PhD at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, November 16th.

“Pain clinicians are confronted with the complicated task of objectifying the subjective phenomenon of pain in order to determine the appropriate treatments for their patients. A critical challenge in pain management emerges from the fact that pain cannot be directly accessed. Therefore, the current gold standard for the assessment of pain is a single-item 0-10…