SDougherty photo

Shannon Dougherty

University of Haifa (Israel)

Shannon Dougherty is a chronic pain recovery coach with Lin Health. As a former chronic pain patient she is able to deeply relate to her clients and help them find a new way of looking at pain. After spending over half of her life in chronic pain she found a way out through an understanding of the nervous system and the way the brain processes pain. She considers herself fully recovered from what was once deemed incurable and hopes that by sharing her story it might inspire someone else that they can do the same.


PainStory: Deeper than 0-10 pain scale, understanding patient’s suffering

Presented by Shannon Dougherty, Saar Draznin, BSc, Boris Boltyansky, MSc, Pavel Goldstein, PhD at 8:00 AM on Tuesday, November 16th.

“Pain clinicians are confronted with the complicated task of objectifying the subjective phenomenon of pain in order to determine the appropriate treatments for their patients. A critical challenge in pain management emerges from the fact that pain cannot be directly accessed. Therefore, the current gold standard for the assessment of pain is a single-item 0-10…