Sheren Gaulbert


Vulval Pain Society (UK)

Sheren Gaulbert is passionate about patient voices being heard and connecting them with clinicians to foster meaningful, productive discussions. She hosts the Vulval Pain Society conference & online events, bringing together multidisciplinary vulval health clinicians with patients. Her own journey with self-managing persisting pain and comorbid conditions, and a breakthrough 10 years into unprovoked vulvodynia after trialing numerous therapies, led to her interest in pain science, up-to-date treatment methodologies and best practice models.

Sheren is currently working on the Pelvic Pain Toolkit, which includes short information videos, with Pain Toolkit founder Pete Moore. A proponent of interdisciplinary, collaborate treatment teams to deliver better care, Sheren runs courses for health professionals, one-to-one mentoring for clinicians ready to learn from different modalities, and you might see her speaking at various pain science events.

Sheren is a member of IASP, Pain Education SIG and Abdominal & Pelvic Pain SIG.


Patient-Clinician Partnered Activities of the Vulval Pain Society: A Template for Better Education & Care

Presented by Winston de Mello, Claudia Chisari, Dr. Karen Gibbon, Kay Thomas, David Nunns, Sheren Gaulbert at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, November 2nd.

"Partnerships, connections, being seen, being heard are all vital for us as human beings. For the person living with pain these basic, essential needs, a collaborative relationship with a health professional is not only validating but can set them on a path toward better care. To access appropriate care, at the earliest opportunity isn’t that…