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Winston de Mello


Vulval Pain Society (UK)

Dr de Mello undertook his medical training at Guy’s Hospital and Southampton. He served in the RAMC as a Regular and Reservist from 1976 to 2013 ending his military career as Colonel TA BATLS from 2007-2013. His NHS employment as an Anesthetist and Pain Medicine Physician was at Mid Yorkshire and Manchester University Hospital. His clinical interests include pelvic pain, burns, pre-hospital care and trauma. He is a Founding Member of the Pre-Hospital Care Faculty at the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the College of Remote & Offshore Medicine at Malta. He retired in 2020 and is Trustee at the Vulval Pain Society UK and Chair of the Pre-hospital SIG at the British Burns Association.


Patient-Clinician Partnered Activities of the Vulval Pain Society: A Template for Better Education & Care

Presented by Winston de Mello, Claudia Chisari, Dr. Karen Gibbon, Kay Thomas, David Nunns, Sheren Gaulbert at 1:00 PM on Tuesday, November 2nd.

"Partnerships, connections, being seen, being heard are all vital for us as human beings. For the person living with pain these basic, essential needs, a collaborative relationship with a health professional is not only validating but can set them on a path toward better care. To access appropriate care, at the earliest opportunity isn’t that…