Join us at GAPPA's premiere conference! Don't miss this opportunity to connect with experts, advocates, and people across multiple disciplines and pain conditions who are working together to advance the study, understanding, and treatment of pain. If you want to improve the lives of people affected by pain, this is the conference for you!


UPLiFT is the first conference sponsored by IASP's GAPPA and offers presentations, partnerships, and personal connections. It is for...

Senior Friends on Phone

People with the lived experience of pain who want to learn about:

  • the latest research and skills in pain science and self-management in easy, accessible language
  • how to get started in patient research partnerships
  • global advocacy efforts and ways to adapt proven methods on an individual and local level
  • effective communication between healthcare providers and patients
Researchers in lab

Researchers who wish to:

  • incorporate the lived experience into research grants, studies, and protocols
  • explore the latest research and skills in pain science and self-management
  • network with other experts in the pain field
Medical Attendant

Clinicians/Healthcare Providers who want to:

  • integrate the lived experience voice into pain management plans
  • effectively communicate pain protocols with patients
  • implement effective methods of patient education

...And anyone else who wants to feel empowered, hear from peers living with pain, or share their personal story or experience of living with pain. This conference is for YOU!


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Connecting people living with pain, clinicians, and researchers
2-23 NOVEMBER, 2021   l   VIRTUAL